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Urban Dreams Music and Arts Program

Founded in 2018, the Urban Dreams Music and Arts Program of Dallas Fort Worth (UDMAP) is a Texas 501(c)(3) nonprofit a corporation that transforms the lives and minds of young people in Inner City the DFW Metroplex through high-quality music Education. It teaches inner-city youth the great music of the world and provides opportunities for them to perform that music in the most magnificent settings of our community. It prepares its members for advanced study and high caliber success in music and otherwise, and instills the ancillary benefits that music instruction provides: problem-solving skills, critical thinking, self-reliance, self-confidence, self-discipline, Also, the crystallization and pursuit of meaningful purpose. It is open to talented young people aged 10-18 who play or wish to play an instrument.

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Vision / Purpose of Urban Dreams

Urban Dreams Music and Arts Program is integral because the youth in the DFW Metroplex are being exposed to all types of negativity especially the ones in the underprivileged areas. These young people need to know that there is more to the world than hanging on the streets, selling drugs, and gun violence. We need to put a little more emphasis on the arts and academics. Because the arts allow them to have a sense of imagination and putting an emphasis on increasing scholastic achievement prepares our youth for success during their college years and far beyond.


The youth in North Texas particularly the Dallas-Fort Worth area need a place where they are uplifted, a place where they can be mentored by the most elite artist, dancers, and musicians in the city, they need to be taught by the best instructors with premier educational and musical backgrounds. Furthermore, these students need a place to go where they can dream and watch their Urban Dreams turn into reality. That place is here with us at Urban Dreams Music and Arts Program.

Our Mission

To increase college readiness among youth in the DFW Metroplex by focusing on all aspects of fine arts and scholastic achievement in academics. While displaying world class showmanship through worldwide performance opportunities.

“Strivers believe what Dreamers Achieve”

Guiding Principles

• Showmanship

• Integrity

• Pride

• Camaraderie

• Confidence

• Respect


To teach youth in the DFW Metroplex the great music of the world, provide opportunities for them to perform that music in some of the greatest settings of the world, and prepare them for opportunities to play in collegiate and professional


To learn and perform the great musical selections of the world, and equip minority youth, especially African-American and Latino youth, with the tools needed to join world-class ensembles; and to present those young people to those ensembles as prospective students for various fine arts programs as well as candidates for performance employment.


OUR THREE PROGRAMS Urban Dreams Music and Arts Program offers  three ensembles:

Dreamers Marching Band

Black Dynasty Drumline 

Symphonic Band 

The UDMA Concert, Symphonic, Wind Band Ensembles presents a regular concert season each year that features both
the standard concert band repertoire and contemporary music that resounds within the community that UDMA serves, and
that culminates each year with a Season Finale Concert at the Sammon’s Center for the Arts Location Pending. This
ensemble has approximately 130 available seats aged 10 and above. (Audition for Ensemble Placement Required)
The UDMAP Academy is our teaching program through which we teach music and literacy enhancement throughout the
DFW metroplex, and in the Winter, Spring and Summer, we offer Camps at various locations throughout Dallas and Fort
Worth. It is mandatory that all student enrolled in ensembles participate in a level class within the UDMAP academy as well
as recital class to prepare for their semester recital.

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